Vernada Geo is a protection against the negative impact of Wi-Fi, as well as geopathic zones indoor

The device Vernada Geo is the protection of your family and house against negative influence of 2 main factors, which independently and in aggregate harm to health and safety in your house. This influence of electromagnetic fields of an artificial origin and influence of geopathogenical zones of a natural origin. It is necessary to mean that fact that these 2 factors have inherently the close nature of an origin of electromagnetic radiation and the general information component which accordingly on an order generates their total negative influence on live and lifeless objects. Researches have shown that in most cases they form big enough zones of the difficult form and a configuration (abnormal zones). Vernada Geo as the universal device will neutralize effectively influence of these 2 factors in the house apartment, office and thus, protects health of your family, favorite animals and are provided comfortable and safe residing at your house.

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The protection against the technogenical radiation made by electronic technics.

Researches of scientists for last decades of years show that electromagnetic radiation is dangerous, as nuclear. An electromagnetic smog, co-operating with an electromagnetic field of an organism, suppresses partially of it, deforming own field of a human body. It leads to immunity decrease, infringement of an information and cellular exchange in an organism, and a whole functional health and to occurrence of various diseases. Many scientists in the world and various research centers proved, what even rather weak level of a long influence of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) can cause such diseases, as a cancer, loss of memory, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson diseases, an impotence, destruction of crystal of eye, reduction of quantity of red blood little bodies. Electromagnetic fields are especially dangerous to pregnant women and children, they promote infringement of sexual functions of men and genital functions of women. Now EMR present everywhere in the inhabitancy of man, and it is created by electrical household appliances and office technics, mobile phones and the wireless Internet and recently Wi-Fi systems. Near to electric lines, radio and television stations, in underground intensity of fields especially sharply increases. Magnetic storms essentially influence to a human body with such situation.

It is unequivocally experimentally established that properties of water essentially change under the influence of Wi-Fi radiation that is the basic channel of influence of technogenical EMR on live structures. It is shown that with the help of innovative device Vernada Geo it is possibly essentially to reduce harm influence of radiation Wi-Fi and other electronic technics on your family and animals. The objective information about efficiency and safety of the unique device is in the report of made researches of one of the most prestigious research centers in Stuttgart in Germany A system Wi-Fi widely takes root in connection with development of the Internet for wireless connection to the WWW. There are many of articles on a problem of danger of network Wi-Fi for health, and consider questions not only of influence of radiation in this case on a human body, but also on trees, live systems appear recently in the Internet. Vernada — Geo eliminates the negative action Wi-Fi and electronic devices everywhere where the device is switch-on in an electric network, and for work of Vernada — Geo and Wi-Fi the same phase wire of an electric network is used. After switching-on of the device in an electric network inversion of left torsion field of a phase wire of a network in right is carried out that is equivalent to formation new torsion the right field, and essential reduction of the level of torsion field generated Wi-Fi in territory in which there is a conductor of a power is a mentioned phase wire will be reaction most Wi-Fi on this event. IT IS IMPORTANTLY TO KNOW!!! IT IS ESPECIALLY DANGEROUS THE BEING IN ZONE WI-FI OF WOMEN IN THEIR PREGNANCY AS IT MAKES DIRECT NEGATIVE IMPACT ON DEVELOPMENT OF THE CHILD AND ACCORDINLY ON THE STATISTIC IN MOST CASES LEADS TO THE TERMINATION OF PREGNANCY OR THE BIRTH OF THE CHILD WITH PATHOLOGICAL CHANGES CAUSED BY PATHOGENICAL BURDENING IN PERIOD OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE FRUIT UP TO A BIRTH OF THE CHILD WITH CEREBRAL PALSY (CP). The purpose of our researches was to find out, how influences EMR of system Wi-Fi on physical properties of natural water. An essence of these researches was that a human body as any live structure, contains to 2/3 of water and if Wi-Fi will be change properties of water, it will be means that this radiation will influence in a whole on a functional condition of a live organism, functional health of man. We already many times proved that water is the most high-sensitivity indicator of technogenical EMR. Besides, were do tests of new device «VERNADA-Geo», as possible neutralizer or device of easing of influence EMR of Wi-Fi on water. The device “Vernada Geo” offset the impact of harmful emissions on Wi-Fi systems, wireless networks, and geopathogenic areas on which there are apartments, offices and other premises, thereby protects people from the harmful effects of radiation. Foreign media reports confirm the fact that Wi-Fi damages the human organism, but recent studies of Ukrainian scientists confirm these data. The effects of Wi-Fi transmissions are inextricably linked with the development of the Internet. In attempting to connect wirelessly to the global Wi-Fi network systems are widely used. Recently, the Internet appeared numerous articles regarding the issue whether a health hazard Wi-Fi network and it says the issue is not so much about the effects of radiation, in this case not only on humans but also on trees and living systems. Networks with no conductor irreparable damage to the health of children and adolescents. It notes that Wi-Fi operates at a frequency as a microwave. For people such frequency is not as harmless. Published were a huge number of studies which prove that Wi-Fi negatively affects mammals, particularly humans. Among the diseases caused by Wi-Fi, most often occur: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, dementia and lower memory. In the US, the UK and Germany are increasingly giving up the use of Wi-Fi at schools, hospitals and universities. “Vernada Geo” remove the negative impact of Wi-Fi wherever the unit is plugged in, and this power “Vernada Geo” and Wi-Fi use the same phase conduit of the grid. As mentioned earlier, when you turn the device on the network is carried inversion of the left torsion fields of phase conduction network makes the equivalent of forming new torsion makes fields and reaction on the Wi-Fi is a significant change in the level of information field that it generates in places where it is placed as a conductor, which feeds said phase conduit. On the other hand the influence of geopathogenic zones also proved a problem that should not be overlooked, as it turns out that in the world there are sufficiently compelling statistics for diseases of people who have long stood in geopathogenic zones on Earth (GWP). These facts point to serious research, although there is a clear need to develop devices to prevent the pathogenic effects of these areas on biological systems. The overall impact of geopathogenic zones on human calculate the degree of influence over his health after permanently reside in those areas. Usually this is done by interviewing infected people and to detect the presence of geopathogenic zones in places where they have resided permanently by the method of biolocation. Such data are too many.


The device “Vernada Geo” neutralize the effects of emissions of torsion fields of Wi-Fi routers, wireless networks and geopathogenic zones in the homes, offices and other premises, protecting people from the harmful effects of torsion fields (TF). The device comprises a plastic housing in which is located an inverter and detection system of networks. When the device is turned on is performed inversion of the left torsion fields in phase makes the conduit network, which leads to the formation of straight torsion fields. As a reaction to this event is a significant change in the levels of torsion broadcasts Wi-Fi and geopathogenic zones – areas in which the phase manifold is as a conductor. “Vernada Geo” neutralize the negative effect of the Wi-Fi where the device is plugged in and charging of “Vernada Geo” and Wi-Fi out using the same phase conduit of the grid. When you turn the device to the network is done inversion of the left torsion fields of the phase conduit network makes torsion fields, which is equivalent to the formation of a new torsion right field, and the reaction on the Wi-Fi is the significant reduction in the levels of torsion fields generated by Wi-Fi in the territory in which it is located as a conduit to supply the phase conduit.


Application of “Vernada Geo”

The device is made of a plastic panel in which an inverter is a system for indication of the network. When placing the unit carried out an inversion of the left torsion field of the phase conductor of the network and turns it into law, leading to the formation of a new right torsion field, and the reaction of this process leads to substantial changes in the level of radiation Wi-Fi and geopathogenic zone places where is as a conductor said phase conduit.

Directions for use of “Vernada Geo”

The appliance must be plugged in. It is used to “phase” wire network. The device can be included in the network any contact and any place, since its effect is distributed to all rooms of the apartment or office, provided that they are all powered by a “phase.”


With research geopathogenic areas involved scientists from different countries and different disciplines. Experts believe a major pathogenic zones rectangular and diagonal degree in networking. The rectangular grid is oriented towards different directions in the world. In our latitudes the distance between the wires is about two meters in north-south direction and 2.5 meters in east-west direction. The breadth of network lines is approximately 20 cm. There is information that GSAs and their intersections, flicker in cycloid for one month and shifted from its original position 1.1,5 m. Permanent residence rights in the areas of influence of geopatogenite areas negatively affects health. Especially dangerous is the permanent residence of people to places where their lines intersect. In extended stays in the unfavorable zone functions of various organs more and more upset and the man inevitably ill.

The most common diseases are:


cardiovascular and neuro-psychological disorders;

provoking functional disabilities;

accelerates the development of the inflammatory process, leading to deformation of the bio-field of the organism and as a consequence of serious illness – other forms of cancer;

disorders in the coronary and cerebral circulation, arthritis, multiple sclerosis.

There are some obvious signs that a person spends time in geopathogenic areas:

aversion to places of residence and places to sleep;

permanent sleep or disturbed sleep;

state of anxiety;

fatigue morning immediately after waking;

anxiety and depression;

rapid heartbeat (tachycardia);

gone cold limbs.

Unfortunately, doctors do not always connect these violations to the influence of geopathogenic zones and strive to treat patients in various ways, including adverse to human health products. Today, the safest and easiest way to avoid the risk of serious diseases caused by the influence of left torsion fields of geopathogenic zones is once a year to change the layout of the bedroom in the apartment. It’s enough as serious violations can occur only as a result of permanent stay in geopathogenic zones. Another reliable way to protect against the negative influence of geopathogenic areas is the use of the device “Vernada Geo”.

Research and patents

Rcord testing Vernada Geo in Germany

Report Test

The warranty period for the operation of the “Vernada Geo” device at least 7 years.

The Check of efficiency and safety of the device «Vernada Geo»

It is important to know.

Our laboratory developed and produce unique devices VEGA-10 and VEGA-11 possibilities of which allow to define presence and borders of radiations of unhealthy for people and animals living in apartment, the house. This influence of electromagnetic fields of an artificial origin (technogenical) and influence of geopathogenical zones of a natural origin, their total negative influence on live and lifeless objects. Researches have shown that in most cases its form enough big zones of the difficult form and a configuration (abnormal zones). Also these diagnostic devices allow to define efficiency of work of the device «VERNADA-Geo» (modified) after 30-45 second after switching-on in any socket in your apartment, the house, office. The measurements doing by devices VEGA-10, VEGA-11 have shown absence of harmful radiations in an inhabited apartment house and on distance of 20 meters from it. Thus, at your house and on the nearest distance of 20 m. there is a safety, comfortable zone of residing for your family and animals so you are protected from harmful influence of geopathogenical zones. Devices allow to define efficiency of the device «VERNADA-Geo» (modified) on neutralization of the unhealthy man of radiations made by electronic technics, by devices Wi-Fi, by base stations of cellular communication, by computers, by mobile phones, by TVs and so on. After switching-on of device in the socket, devices register absence of negative radiations from the electronic technics in all premises of your house. You can check up at will efficiency and safety of work of the device «VERNADA-Geo» (modified) by modern measuring devices both in simple and reliable enough way. Will invite the expert in a biolocation who with biolocation frameworks will spend the given measurements on the device work. An essence is that after the device switching-on in the socket after 30-45 seconds in your apartment, the house and in 20 m. from it unhealthy influence of geopathogenical zones will be completely neutralized. Accordingly this unique action confirming safety in yours the house and in a zone of 20 m. round it will be defined by any expert in a biolocation to whom you trust. The given measurements are made in comparison before and after that as the device is switch-on in the socket — 100 % repeatability. Absence of hazardous for health radiations after of switching-on of device, is fixed by biolocation frameworks.

The Kineziologichesky test

The test allows to define degree of influence of electronic devices on a physiological condition of a human body. At interaction with electronic devices essentially in 3-3,5 times the physical condition of man changes, dynamics of her muscular force decreases. This change of a physical condition of a human body on the one hand shows harmful influence of electronic technics, and on the other hand gives the chance to state an objective estimation of overall performance of device «VERNADA-Geo» (modified) and «Vernada-avto». At work of these devices there is no change of a physical condition of man, it does not decrease, it remains former. This is proof of efficiency and safety of work of the protection device. You will find the detailed description of a method on our site.

The center of scientifically — practical researches and application of innovative programs on safety issues of health of man of «Geoinfozond» renders consultations concerning efficiency of application of devices-neutralizers made by our company «Spinor International» and we are engaged in their advancement in the international markets.


The international agency of researches of a cancer (IARC, — instance of the world organization of public health services with headquarters in France) already appeal radio frequency EMF (RF), using for mobile communication, as potential carcinogenic for man, marks the edition. The carcinogen is chemical substance or physical radiation the influence of which on the organism raises risk of a cancer. These are conclusions not only of scientists, but also EU authorities. A number of experts and any public organizations demand to strengthen precautions at using of Wi-Fi technologies, especially in public places of type of schools and hospitals. In the Spanish fund Vivo Sano computed that the child who from 3 years goes to a kindergarten, and then till 16 years goes to school, more than 10 thousand hours exposes to radiation from wireless devices. In the EU the standard, limiting the capacity of the radiation of devices of mobile communication already operates. The world organization of the public health services notices that the main effect from radio-radiation is heating of fabrics of an organism. However, radiation mobile phone generally is absorbed by a skin, and in a brain or other internal distemper-round raises slightly. As to networks Wi-Fi, they influent on a brain are even weaker, than on telephones, assures Elizabeth Kardis from the Center of researches of epidemiology of environment. Nevertheless, of potential carcinogenicity of mobile devices experts recommend concrete safety measures: 1. Do not to press mobile phone to a head, but to use the set; 2. To place an access point to Wi-Fi not closer than in 1м from places where man spends much time (a bed, a table, a sofa, places for games); 3. To transfer great volumes of the data or to look stream video only in case if a wireless communication of the device with an access point is good (in repeated transfer the influence of radiations amplifies); 4. To use terminals with a control of a capacity (for example, ЕСО DECT instead of DECT); 5. To switch off access points when its do not use (else a device sends signals); 6. In public places it is better to establish one network Wi-Fi for all devices or to return to wire the Internet.

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Price — 160,00€

Price of the producer (discount).

Delivery in any country. A safeguard — 3 years

Director of Center «Geoinfozond», please contact by mail

Official sale in United Kingdom

Administrator: London (United Kingdom)

Barcelona (Spain), Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italia, France

It is in your power to prevent the damage, caused by technopathogenic and geopathogenic radiation. We will be glad to assist you in creating of healthy and safe living conditions, work and rest time for you, your family and pets.